DIY: Studded Sweatshirt

9 Dec

Hey everyone! I have recently been fascinated with anything studded. I can’t remember exactly what spawned the idea, but I decided to run with it anyways. I grabbed a sweatshirt, a studded belt from Goodwill that I thrifted almost four weeks ago, and got to work! Here is a picture of how it all turned out:

So to begin I grabbed a studded belt from Goodwill. I apologize for the lack of step-by-step photos during this tutorial. Anyways, the belt looked something like this:


I then took a pair of pliers and pulled off all the studs from the belt. It was relatively easy because the pyramid studs have a two prong closure. I also purchased an inexpensive black sweatshirt from Walmart.


Since this shirt was for my husband, I conferred with him on what he wanted his sweatshirt to say. We ran through a lot of ideas but eventually decided on ‘king’. That’s when I made a quick mock up of the studs.


Now at this point, I suggest you take a photo of the mock up, and then make some sort of place markings for the studs. I was too lazy to make markings so I free-handed the entire thing.


Studding this particular sweatshirt took about 4 hours (with plenty of breaks) and was super affordable. I liked how it turned out and so did my client! 🙂 Its definitely something I will be borrowing from him once in a while. Watch out for a future post from me on different ways to style this sweatshirt.



One Response to “DIY: Studded Sweatshirt”

  1. Jamie Gillingham December 9, 2012 at 9:34 PM #

    This is an awesome idea! I never thought of recycling belts like this before.

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