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11 Dec

I’ve promised you all that I would post looks of how I would style the do-it-yourself studded KING sweatshirt. I felt pretty inspired to wear red because the weather was quite nice outside today! It actually was sunny for once… so I dragged my husband and went outside to take photos. Here’s the look:



OFF THE RACK: Green Blazer and Mixed Prints

9 Dec

I thrifted this dark green Ellen Tracy linen blazer a few days ago and decided to mix it with a few of my prints lying around my closet to spice it up. Mixing prints is something I find interesting, and I’ve taken a personal challenge to mix as much as possible. It’s cool to mix together two things that don’t normally go together and realize that they actually do! I have found that floral print and animal print are an easy go-to mix. For some reason, the two tend to work quite well together. Here is my final look! Try it yourself and tell me how it turned out for you!


Green Jacket: Thrifted;

Floral top: Thrifted;

Leopard Print Scarf: H&M;

Skinny Jeans: Express;

Wedge Fur Ankle Boots: Target


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