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Events: Holiday Fashion Affair 2012

14 Dec

Get your tickets now to the 2012 Holiday Fashion Affair on December 20th at 6pm! This should be a great evening out at the Citizen Hotel with a lot of fun and fashion, of course.  Tickets are $15 and are available through the link below. See you there!

Click here to purchase your ticket!




11 Dec

I’ve promised you all that I would post looks of how I would style the do-it-yourself studded KING sweatshirt. I felt pretty inspired to wear red because the weather was quite nice outside today! It actually was sunny for once… so I dragged my husband and went outside to take photos. Here’s the look:


DIY: Studded Sweatshirt

9 Dec

Hey everyone! I have recently been fascinated with anything studded. I can’t remember exactly what spawned the idea, but I decided to run with it anyways. I grabbed a sweatshirt, a studded belt from Goodwill that I thrifted almost four weeks ago, and got to work! Here is a picture of how it all turned out:

So to begin I grabbed a studded belt from Goodwill. I apologize for the lack of step-by-step photos during this tutorial. Anyways, the belt looked something like this:


I then took a pair of pliers and pulled off all the studs from the belt. It was relatively easy because the pyramid studs have a two prong closure. I also purchased an inexpensive black sweatshirt from Walmart.


Since this shirt was for my husband, I conferred with him on what he wanted his sweatshirt to say. We ran through a lot of ideas but eventually decided on ‘king’. That’s when I made a quick mock up of the studs.


Now at this point, I suggest you take a photo of the mock up, and then make some sort of place markings for the studs. I was too lazy to make markings so I free-handed the entire thing.


Studding this particular sweatshirt took about 4 hours (with plenty of breaks) and was super affordable. I liked how it turned out and so did my client! 🙂 Its definitely something I will be borrowing from him once in a while. Watch out for a future post from me on different ways to style this sweatshirt.


OFF THE RACK: Green Blazer and Mixed Prints

9 Dec

I thrifted this dark green Ellen Tracy linen blazer a few days ago and decided to mix it with a few of my prints lying around my closet to spice it up. Mixing prints is something I find interesting, and I’ve taken a personal challenge to mix as much as possible. It’s cool to mix together two things that don’t normally go together and realize that they actually do! I have found that floral print and animal print are an easy go-to mix. For some reason, the two tend to work quite well together. Here is my final look! Try it yourself and tell me how it turned out for you!


Green Jacket: Thrifted;

Floral top: Thrifted;

Leopard Print Scarf: H&M;

Skinny Jeans: Express;

Wedge Fur Ankle Boots: Target

Shopping Spotlight: Indie Cult Vintage

7 Dec

My shopping spotlight is on an eBayer called Indie Cult Vintage. They sell amazing vintage jackets and coats in pristine condition all over the world! I’ll let the images speak for themselves.


So pretty right? Check out their store :Indie Cult Vintage


OFF THE RACK: Beaded sweater- fuchsia bow

4 Dec






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